Revolutionising fashion with Additive Manufacture

To be better than the best for leading the industry in manufacturing change by developing 3D printed apparel and footwear at the consumer level.

To be industrial pioneers in changing the face of apparel manufacture through polymer to garment technology: Sustainable, high performance and closer to market.


David Yeh

MD Tong Siang

"I am personally very excited to see 3D Fashion develop as it is and want to be able to include you in our progress, sharing with you milestones on the journey to commercial reality. 3D Fashion supports the Yeh Group vision of direct polymer to garment manufacture. The Yeh Group are always striving to cut out unnecessary waste and resource use, and support the industries goals of faster to market and eventually create a manufacturing technology that brands and retailers can install closer to their customers. This is all with no compromise to performance."


Jimmy Yeh

MD Penn Asia

"The industry has already witnessed the success of the Yeh Group's Drydye™ brand, and we see 3D Fashion as a key part of the continual drive in our vision to 'Be better than the best'. 3D Fashion will sit at the pinnacle level of the ongoing Drydye™ portfolio of performance technologies. At the Yeh Group, as a family business, we are driven to find innovation today, that will form the basis of the business for our children and your consumers tomorrow."


Guy Bingham

Senior Lecturer, Loughborough University

“Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) is a remarkable technology and allows a level of design freedom and manufacturing flexibility previously unimaginable. The 3D Fashion project is an exciting collaboration that will pioneer the use of Additive technologies for the manufacture of truly wearable and useable garments and footwear.”


Sophie Mather

Material Futurist, Biov8tion

"We have the potential to really reduce the resource impacts of manufacturing clothing. By connecting rich academic research with strong industrial partners, we are looking to reshape the way that clothing and footwear is manufactured, embracing more sustainable production methods."